Dayus Register and Grille Inc. is a company rooted in family values and tradition. Company president Brian Dayus grew up in his family’s roofing business. In 1920, his grandfather Frank started Dayus Roofing, which soon grew to be Windsor, Ontario’s premier roofing company. Under his father, Frank II, Brian worked summers in the sheet metal department where he learned the importance of quality workmanship, friendly customer service, and employee commitment. After graduating, Brian along with his brother Frank III ran Dayus Roofing for ten years.

Meanwhile, Brian’s uncle Lloyd Dayus was successfully working in the HVAC industry founding Lloydaire and National Controlled Air, companies that manufactured registers, grilles, louvers and fire dampers. After retiring for several years, Lloyd began a start-up register and grille company in Tennessee. Looking for the opportunity to expand, he called his brother and nephews to see if they were interested in the business - Brian was. With the support of both his mentors, his father and uncle, Brian moved equipment to Windsor, Ontario and in April 1991, Dayus Register and Grille Inc. opened in the back of the roofing company.

Dayus Register and Grille Inc. survived its formative years with a lot of hard work and the help of dedicated employees. By providing faster delivery on quality registers and grilles, the company continues to grow. In May of 2009, Dayus Register and Grille Inc. moved to its new 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, during which, production was never stopped. With its focus on superior customer service and lean manufacturing, the company looks forward to the future. Thank you to Dayus Register and Grille Inc.’s customers, suppliers and employees for your help making it successful.



5290 Pulleyblank St. R.R. #1
Windsor Ontario Canada
N9A 6J3
Phone: 519-737-1199
Fax: 519-737-1831
Hours of Operation:
7am-5pm EST weekdays